About Me.


I was always interested in design and particularly with 3D modeling from an early age.  My exposure to 3D modeling started off with 3D Studio max in middle school as a hobby, and my interest and skill set grew from then on. 

My high school had an engineering program that I took part in throughout my time there, which ultimately brought me to the decision of choosing engineering as a career path. My first exposure to CAD modeling and engineering, was in a high school internship program working for a product development firm. There, I drafted in Pro-Engineer concepts which would then ultimately be used for patent application drawings.  I graduated college in 2010 from Florida Atlantic University, with a bachelors of science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I’ve worked in Aviation for over 9 years now as a design/project engineer for electro-mechanical cabin systems. I’ve had a tremendous opportunity to work with some brilliant engineers and companies from around the world.

I currently operate Lobos Industries with my wife Valerie. Every product going through our small shop is proudly designed, and fabricated with our own CNC equipment in South Florida USA.