Firstly let me say thank you for purchasing a Lobos Industries Type 1 VP9 trigger.  This reference guide assumes you have already disassembled your firearm. It will walk you though removing the stock trigger assembly and properly installing the Type 1 trigger on your stock trigger bar.  A more comprehensive full install guide is in the works however this guide is mainly to fill the gaps in the weapon disassembly guide you can find at HKPRO at the following link:

For removal of the trigger roll pins it is recommended to use a 5/64 diameter pin punch.  These come in all shapes and sizes but it is recommend to find one that has a dimple at its end as shown. This dimple keeps the punch aligned with the roll pin, mitigating any accidental slippage that may damage your brand new parts.


It is also highly recommended to have an armorers bench block or equivalent.  This item can literally be a block of wood with a small hole in it, or it can be a fancier version such as the armorers bench block shown below (link to purchase embedded).  This allows you to press or knock out pins freely out of holes.

First Steps

Once the trigger bar mechanism is removed from the pistol the spring pin securing the factory trigger needs to be removed.  This pin is highlighted in red below.

Removing the Stock Trigger Roll Pin

In order to remove the stock roll pin.  Turn the trigger assembly in the orientation shown below.  Using an armorers block or equivalent part, align the holes of the pin with hole in the block.

Align the tip of the pin punch with the spring pin highlighted in red.  Then proceed to lightly tap the punch with hammer until approximately half way thru the part.  Remove the pin punch from the hole and you can now separate the stock trigger from the trigger bar.


Type 1 Trigger installation

The Lobos Industries Type 1 trigger comes with the spring pin pre-installed and ready to assemble onto your VP9 trigger bar.  As shown below.

Align trigger bar in the orientation shown below.

Align the hole in the trigger bar with spring pin hole in Type 1 trigger.  Using armorers block or equivalent position trigger as shown below, and use pin punch to press the pin thru the hole in the trigger bar.

Once the pin is installed thru both parts.  Inspect that spring pin is completely bottomed out in hole as shown below.  It is very important that this pin is flush with the surface before installing back into your pistol!

The trigger bar assembly is now ready to be re-assembled back into the firearm.